5 ways you’re not “living” with chronic illness

This pretty much nails the daily struggles on the head. it is true I too have wandered along either side of the line of many of these and it is difficult to keep doing the right thing when a cough or sneeze is like being stabbed all over but you have, no you need to. Life is too short to give up on yourself and if you do your consultant team and support network will too. Let people know your short term and long term goals.

The Rheumatic Roller Coaster

I came across this article and it kinda hits the nail on the head. If you’re not living your life with chronic illness, please try to do so regardless of how bad it may be. I struggle with all of these, and try to make a conscious effort to live my life despite these chronic disabling diseases. We only get to live in this body (although it’s a shitty body), once! 

A fine line, ladies and gentleman, is what stands between living with chronic illness and being alive with chronic illness. I’ve straddled it a few times, but I’ve figured out some of what on the other side and here’s what I know:

1. You’re not living with a chronic illness if you’re hunting for the why full time.


Is it because of a parasite? A bacteria? A cancer? Is it because you wore that blue dress last Tuesday? Is…

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