I’ve been frustratingly stuck indoors for a few days with the weather being as wet as it has been cruising on my scooter in one of the all in ones really is not an option and nor is holding an umbrella whilst I get a cruise on. I also spent this morning going through yet another one of the financial assessments for another pot of money to help support my needs.

The boss decided we should get some fresh air and pop to Whitlingham to feed the ducks. Following this we had to go to get some new boots for our LG as in the last 8 weeks she has gone up yet another size. How not paying VAT can a pair of boots be £45, seriously mine are less than that I wear them for years eventually putting a hole in the sole, hers inside 8 weeks are still virtually brand new and ridiculous money. Anyway she was happy and she got to push me around in my Wheelchair, something she always seems very proud to do, I hope this doesn’t waver as she gets older. You won’t get me saying this to the boss but the fresh air was welcomed as was the change of scenery, I mean how can you not appreciate this;

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