I have just had the fright of my life and I now firmly believe that my Daughter is a Dark Lord of the Sith or at the very least a Sith Apprentice in training.

The story begins this afternoon when she stuck her tongue out at Granddad. He quite rightly told her she shouldn’t be doing that (it wasn’t funny playing and messing around just something she has picked up in the last fortnight when she is in disagreement with something). When I asked her what she had done she refused to tell me, knowing full well that this is one of the things we have spoken to her about in relation to her award chart. I explained Granddad would tell me anyway so it would be better her telling me and when she refused I gave her to the count of three before removing bunny – usually we don’t even get to 2 where bunny is concerned today we hit 3 and bunny was gone. I then asked Granddad what she’d done and when he told me I asked why she didn’t just tell me. To cut a long story short we then had a period where she denied doing it, and then refused to apologise to him. This led to another count of three and Care Bear joined Bunny. I knew this would lead to a potentially disastrous bedtime but I really wanted her to understand how important telling the truth is. Once she apologised I told her if she was good between now and bedtime she could have one of them back.

Bedtime arrived and as the realisation of only getting one of her cuddly toys back dawned on her the tears started. I brought her bunny through and put Care Bear on her cuddly shelf that is above her bed – I put Care Bear in the corner on top of the thermostat that you can see in the image below, it is the camera angle that makes the bed and shelf look not parallel with each other.


Now as she was standing on her bed as Care Bear was put up there I know it was well out of her reach. We gave her a kiss goodnight and shut her door. There was a period of tears and stalling at bedtime, needing the toilet again, needing tissue as she was crying (this sound was ripping a hole in my heart but I knew it was the right thing to do) and then wanting apple. At this point she was told to calm down and go to sleep and if we heard anymore from her the hall light would be switched off. We have glass above the doors and she has the hall light on so she can read her books. We sat watching the TV and could hear gentle sobbing and after about 15 minutes it gradually decreased and stopped. As my wife was getting ready for bed I asked her if she felt like using her ninja stealth skills to take care bear down and put her on our LG’s bed mainly because I knew if she woke in the middle of the night and it happened to be the one night I was getting a good sleep her tears would wake me as she would as always look for Care Bear and Bunny. Turns out my wife doesn’t have ninja stealth skills as she noisily opened the door and then banged the thermostat before retreating and informing me she couldn’t reach it. I went in on my crutches and tried to get Care Bear down also failing. Why?

Well I will tell you why, somehow our LG had already got Care Bear down without knocking off the thermostat, without making any noise that would have aroused our suspicion, but there cuddled up was Care Bear. I made my way out of her room laughing and said to my wife where is the T-Shirt our LG had on today. She looked at me and said don’t tell me she has Care Bear that is not possible, knowing exactly where I was going with the T-Shirt. I said she does, I do not know whether to be scared and never sleep again, laugh, applaud her ingenuity or get mad and she laughed with me. I’m falling between the scared and laughing and have a nervous smile on my face as I type this. My wife said the top was in the dirty linen basket and I swear on all my family’s lives this is the T-Shirt I put our LG in today, the picture is on the front and the writing on the back!

I have said on here before Darth Vader is her favourite character from Star Wars and obviously the only rational answer as to how she got Care Bear down was using the force and without doubt I have a Dark Lord of the Sith in training in my house. As a Jedi I am now torn between the unconditional love of my LG, which we all know from Anakin’s misdemeanors and interpretation of whether a Jedi Master can love is only going to end in tears, and the fear that she is in fact the chosen one who is somehow meant to bring balance to the Force. I fear my Jedi powers will be of no match as she grows older. Maybe I’ve over done the meds today…………………………

One thought on “Do not underestimate the power of the DARKSIDE

  1. When it comes to the terrible twos (which by the way last until they are about 10) It is hard having to disipline your children. I know having done it first hand. It feels awful to have to take some privelage away or a toy from someone so small. But it has to be done. You feel like such a bad parent. Believe me though you must always follow through with the threat. Allbeit taking a toy or the naughty chair/step. Otherwise they walk all over you.
    Having met your lovely daughter I have seen that look. The one that says “Ok Jedi, wait until you witness the power of the dark side” The fact that csre bear was recovered from it’s location is the signal to find a higher place for it. Sometimes the force can be stronger if a Jedi puts something on top of the wardrobe or leave it in the lounge.
    It is the sign of the rebellion starting for you. Most parents feel the guilt but it is the dark side trying to cloud your judgement. I am sure you can turn her back from the dark side. After all, The force is strong in your family. xx

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