Day 177 – Positives

Today’s positive without doubt comes courtesy of one of my newest but by no means less famiend members. I met Jezza at my 10 week Pain Management Programme in February, today I was officially retired from the job I love, at a place I’ve worked for nearly a decade. This morning I posted this blog to commemorate it, with somewhat confused and mixed feelings and emotions.

Jezza – whose blog is at a very early stage and can be found here responded with the following;

And now the end has come.
And so you pull back a brand new curtain.
My friend it’s only fear
of what comes next, you feel uncertain.

I know whatever comes next
you’ll do your best of that I’m certain.
Your friends will stand by you
and hold your hand not in a shy way

yes you can move on from here
and do it your way.

Regrets you’ve had a few
but then again everyone has them
you did what you had to do
with dignity and while you were suffering

Face the future with head held high.
And roll your scooter down the high way
You can and will move on
and do it your way

You may wonder why the tune, well Ol blue eyes is a favourite of mine and I used this song as my initial blog, the fact that someone who has known me under a year took time to do this and I have to say far better than my original post and nailed some of the emotions I was feeling without talking to me tells me that 10 week Pain Management Programme was one of the best things I have done since my car accident!

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