Day 178 – Positives – New Beginnings

Today I hit one of my long term goals that I had set for this year – well actually more like you all helped me hit it. Being new to blogging (I still consider myself new as I haven’t been blogging for a year) I was not sure what to expect,  for me it was somewhere to get some of my thoughts out of my head, into the open and as a result start to live life again. It has been a tough few months and perhaps there is a certain amount of work from the three Norns (Goddesses of fate in Norse mythology) at Urd’s Well at the base of Yggdrasil at work here. Today is my day of new beginnings and having seen my stats on the blog rise steadily the last three months of 2015 I was within 20 views and 20 different visits of the same amount, my readership had if you like found it’s level. I was happy with this, it far exceeded my expectations when I first started writing as I was getting more views in a month than I anticipated that I would hit in a year. At the beginning of 2016 I wondered, no I hoped for two things, firstly that I would not become boring and monotonous and see readership drop and secondly that I would hit two magic targets 1000 views and 300 visitors in a month, and today I have hit both for the first time. So thank you one and all for keeping reading and I am going to take it as a good sign for the future that both were hit today of all days………………….

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