Nerve Damage breakthrough?

Thanks to a friend B for sharing this article on our NACP Facebook Support Group page, if you can understand some of the very long and complex terminology you will see that a small breakthrough has been made by a group of researchers in Dartmouth. It shows that there is the potential of healing and/or reversing nerve damage. I try not to get too carried away by this type of research because I know this is only at it’s infancy and there will be many years of work to go before anything like this is available. It does however ignite one response in me and that is of hope for the future. I don’t mean hope for my future as at my age it is unlikely to be mainstream in time for me to get any real benefit, it does however fill me with hope that others will potentially not have to suffer in the future with irreparable nerve damage like I have had to.

I wouldn’t wish my pain on anyone so any breakthrough no matter how small that offers hope for future generations is a bonus for me. I have long been an organ donor as I think offering someone else the chance of life after my own death is a noble thing to do, if I can offer my spine and nerves to research I’d happily do that too!


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