An open and honest account of some of the issues faced daily, I understand the difference in true showers as I sit on my shower seat and go only wash certain areas and my wife does some for me and then helps dry and dress me. The inaccessibility issues of a wheelchair haunt me every time I go out often sitting outside shops whilst whoever I am with goes in…..I fee for you!

Two Rooms Plus Utilities

This post is going to be somewhat bitty. Mind you, it is me who is going to be most aware of that, as my words don’t stop just because I vanish and return. I so hate suppositories, but it has come down to no other choice. After three days of feeling like an overinflated football, unable to sit, lie or even stand comfortable, despite having been to the loo on the morning of day three. In fact, for the past two weeks, I haven’t felt truly comfortable and it doesn’t seem to matter how many psyllium pancakes I eat, even doubling my dose every second day, or taking the odd laxative here and there, I have remained desperate. The last two days have been the worst and this morning, has reached the point where I can’t even take a proper breath. My internal pressure is off the scale, the closest…

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