Day 181 – Positives – Butterflies J!

Today has been a strange day really, didn’t get much sleep was up before the alarm clock (my sleep normally comes between3am-7am but last night I saw every hour on the clock. No real reason why but there you go. My LG was on good form though when she woke up and by the time my wife had helped get all of us ready I had already been Captain Hook, The Prince from Snow White and Dopey! I enjoyed playgroup today (I know that should be my LG) but I had a good chat with my good friend K and caught up on her and the family. I’m going touring with her dad when he retires in March, he doesn’t know this yet I’m just planning on being a stow away! I also enjoyed my LG making a Butterfly painting one side me folding it over and having matching wings, then with my LG we used our fingers and put spots all over it – I hope you are proud of me J for doing it!

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