Day 182 – Positives – Family

Today was Popsy’s funeral. He was my paternal granddad and was just as granddads should be. It seems a strange thing to say given the reason for the service but it was a lovely service. Nanny and all his children had written some memories of him that were read out and they captured him perfectly. The stories he told, the fact you never knew whether he was pulling your leg when he was telling them. He was funny, he taught us things only a granddad can get away with and my little brother will remember him for teaching him how to blow things up, we caught out lots of people with the fake ball and my LG will remember feeding the fish in his back garden. Now these days are tough and emotions run high as can be expected and many tears were shed. Over the coming weeks we will come to terms with him not being there and I feel I got to learn so much more about him today (he is technically my stepdad’s dad so I have only known him for 20 years), but hearing so many stories today was lovely. The ceremony ended with a poem I have not seen before but that I thought was beautiful, as I spoke to my mum and dad afterwards I mentioned it and it is a poem that is now going to be passed down the generations when time comes, called Afterglow (author unknown)


Afterwards we celebrated Popsy’s life in what is now the ex-serviceman’s club, for me it will always be the regal cinema in my hometown where me and my brothers and sisters spent much of our youth. The place had retained some of it’s charm (it was the first time I had been in there since I was a teenager). As is the way on these occasions you get to see all your family and often family you haven’t seen in a long time, we spent hours talking, laughing, dancing (well I didn’t obviously but the children did) and catching up. Any funeral will always be touched with sadness but to see and hear the way Ted ‘Popsy’ Grant was remembered today was the sign of someone who touched so many people. It makes you appreciate your family even more, and take trips down memory lane. RIP Popsy!

2 thoughts on “Day 182 – Positives – Family

  1. I think funerals can be lovely occasions when the person being remebered has had a long and happy life. When they are sad is when they happen far too soon.

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    1. Yes having experienced both I have to agree, celebrating Popsy’s life yesterday was a sad reason to get the family together but doing so and having us all together and talking, sharing stories etc was strange as it sounds lovely! Xx


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