This is Neil………….

…………..substitute Bill for Neil, and just try to be understanding, sympathetic and when asked for help if you can give it please do, do not be offended if I say not to your help Neil is determined, strong willed and a little pig headed and stubborn, but please do not feel sorry for Neil, Neil is lucky in so many aspects of his life that a chronic pain disability is a small rolling stone………..


4 thoughts on “This is Neil………….

    1. It works for all invisible illnesses, it certainly wasn’t aimed at you and hope it didn’t seem like that in an offending you way. It was aimed at all those people who sneer, turn their nose up or judge others even though they do not know them. If you don’t know my story and haven’t walked/wheeled in my shoes do not judge me or pretend to know what my life is like!

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