Day 190 – Positives

Well what a day, having attended my first council meeting (for which I am still composing my blog for it is 3500 words so think I will have to chop into parts) and been heartbroken at the apparent lack of compassion by the Wymondham Town Council my flat mood, vastly increased pain and poor night has been lifted by the response of the residents of the town today. I have organised a meeting and newspaper report and photoshoot all whilst comforting my LG who has finally succumbed to the Chicken Pox outbreak that has started at her playgroup. Proper multi tasking.

The biggest positive was this evening spent with my good friend and fellow spoonie Jezza and his family for tea. The original plan was for us to go to our pain group unfortunately due to me being very tearful and angry still from last night and my LG’s illness and J being on the ceiling after taking his medicine neither of us could make it. It is a real shame as I love the group and have now missed two meetings and am getting withdrawals. Tea was an amazing Roast Chicken dinner my favourite meal, I could happily have one each day changing the meat and veg regularly to change up the contents only I can’t bend to use our cooker anymore 😦 followed by a lovely home made apple cake with Cream. Even if my LG said A’s Roasties were better than mine!

Finally I appear to have jumped back to my youth having just seen both Kabaddi and WWF (well now E) wrestling on the TV Guide – Maybe I should rustle up my mates get a few bottles of sherry and MD 20/20 and sit at Kings Head Meadow until the early hours!

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