Day 191 – Positives Thursday

A little bit late with these as I was up all night with my LG who at last count this morning has over 240 Chicken Pox spots – I had to count them whilst dabbing the calomine lotion to keep her entertained.

I was wavering yesterday over my actions against the town council, their own resources to fight me are vast and I am still not sure I have strength to get through all the pain the fight causes to see it through. However the steely resolve of others in my local community has helped bolster my confidence.

Today’s positive however was working through my emails (I have been slack over recent days with the council and my LG being ill) and seeing that Be Like Water had shared one of my blogs on their page. You can submit posts to them to consider and I was amazed to see they had shared one of mine, and not only that but with their large readership the lovely comments from their followers. It really gave me a boost and assured me that I am right to fight!

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