Neglecting my blog

This last week has been a funny week, and one of the toughest I have had to endure for a long time. I say endure and it really has felt like an endurance test ever since Tuesday evening. It was a long day and one that ended with me being in masses of pain. Some would argue was it worth it, and what is the point. I spent more hours than I care to remember in a hall full for the most part of angry residents and largely apathetic Councillors. I say for the most part because there were 2 Councillors in the room it seemed less interested in towing the party line and more interested in what the public were saying. Given the revelations surrounding one Councillor speaking to somebody about the football clubhouse being sized up for new council offices, the Town Clerk being economical with the truth on when certain emails regarding the football clubs lease and the tirade of one Councillor who started shouting down constituents appearing to offer one outside the council were backed into a corner regarding the football club keeping the wolf from the door until Tuesday coming. With one Councillor proposing a motion that saw this extra weeks grace and at the disgust of certain other Councillors present. I really hope that the lease is signed.

I cannot help but wonder if being forced into the corner meant the vote on the future of the playground was all signed sealed and delivered during the mid session interval if you like! It would not look good if the council were so overwhelmingly defeated on two issues. Now I am new to this sort of political scene, but those who are what one would call seasoned professionals were surprised by the decision of the council not to at the least defer for more information and options to be looked at. The more I think about it, the more I cannot help but think that for the Mayor to tell the council how he was going to vote, before actually calling for the vote was wrong and he was in some respect telling those he expected the vote to carry regardless of the protestations. I think this was further demonstrated by the fact that 2 of the party (the ruling majority) abstained, especially when as soon as Councillor Halls asked for the vote to be made a public record under a certain rule! I am glad he did as it means I can tell you that there were 3 good people there.

Since then much of my time has been taken up with constructing a complaint letter that I will forward to all the Councillors, Equal Lives, and the local press. It has taken so long because to write anything on my pain meds is exhausting, to do it on top of even less sleep than usual because my LG has spent half the night awake with itching Chicken Pox has been nigh on impossible.

Furthermore I took on the role of being moderator/admin for the Wymondham Matters group page on facebook. This is a group with thousands of members and joining this week has been a real baptism of fire. With all the goings on at the council meeting the site has been a hotbed of community calls for action. It has been difficult being on both sides of the fence juggling my own crusade on behalf of disabled people in Wymondham organising a photoshoot at the Kings Head Meadow and speaking to a local reporter, rallying the town together to help support some of the most vulnerable in the community whilst ensuring my own posts and those of others do not over step the mark. As is always the case too with a closed group, when something comes along that is going to unite or divide the community we are inundated with new member requests. We then have to check each profile to try and determine whether they are a troll, underage, a previous banned member returning under a different name, someone trying to get the inside scoop or a genuine resident concerned about the issues in the town. This could almost be a full time job in itself despite me being able to only give an hour or so each day.

The upshot of all this is that the ole guilt and withdrawal from the blog , my own personal therapy and well needed area to vent and share my stories is being left untouched. I must start to ensure I leave myself some time to complete my own blog. It is a key component of my own wellbeing and I must ensure that my own mood doesn’t suffer as a result of what I’m doing.

The reason I am taking the council on is that at some point somebody has to say enough is enough. I will not allow them to waste public money in the frivolous manner they have proposed without proper consultation, tender and consideration of all options available! It is vital for the town the park remains in the town centre and if I do not take a stand and take them on nobody will and it is becoming ever so more important to challenge the mistakes that are being made to protect the green area.

One thought on “Neglecting my blog

  1. Or does it just mean that the blog is becoming less important as you gain new responsibilities and meaning in your life? Don’t let it become a millstone round your neck – your involvement in your community is far more important than a blog that wouldn’t even have been possible a few years ago!

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