10 great things about you

A great blog by a fellow spoonie, her 10 positives are at the bottom, mine, well I wrote this in the comments section of her blog;

What a great and positive thing to do.
so here goes
1) I am a good father, I will always be there for my children to support and encourage them in whatever they want to do
2) I am a loving husband, trying whenever the pain allows to help my wife, to listen to her after a hard day at work and to be here for her
3) I will always listen to my friends problems and am happy to put their needs ahead of mine

10 was too big a leap for me but I shall reblog and try to add to it over the coming days!

Chronic Rants

Sometimes with chronic illness it’s easy to focus on the bad stuff about ourselves and forget the good stuff. I’ve done it far too many times over far too many years. A couple weeks ago I wrote about chronic illness and self-esteem. Based on the response to that 2015-07-09 12.01.45and other articles I’ve written about this, I think a lot of you know what I’m talking about and you’ve had the same problem.

So today we’re changing that. I want you to do two things.

First, write down 10 great things about yourself. Write them, type them, record them, dictate to someone else who will write them. Your format doesn’t matter. Just do it. If it’s too hard, then start with 1, build up to 3, and try to get 10 over the next few weeks. These aren’t about your looks but about who you are as a person. Think about…

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