Day 195 – Positives

My LG was much more herself today. We have definitely turned the corner with her being ill and this was witnessed by her being much more on the go again today. Running around, singing, dancing and acting out “Let It Go” on repeat for about an hour today. We had cushions and toys flying symbolising Elsa creating her snow sculptures and throws being used as capes. Very cute and it is silly but it made me so happy watching her.

Also got a surprise phonecall, the good kind, having heard nothing from my OT regarding my rise and recline chair I was beginning to worry that funding for it had been withdrawn. I’ve called and left a couple of messages but because of my wife’s job my record is locked and only certain people have access so if we don’t manage to catch one another I cannot get any updates. Well today I received a phonecall from someone from NRS Medical Supplies informing me that he was going to be delivering a a chair to me on Wednesday, happy day’s I know you shouldn’t wish your life away but Wednesday cannot come soon enough!

3 thoughts on “Day 195 – Positives

  1. Great to hear that your LG is more herself again. I hate it when my son is ill so I know exactly how you feel there. You would take their suffering and put it into yourself in a heartbeat if you could.
    I can imagine her doing the acting and throwing cushions around like a little whirlwind. You certainly will have your hands full now she is getting better. She has a lot of playing to catch up on…
    Very happy about your chair too, that will be such a help to you.

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  2. Glad to hear that your LG is feeling better. We managed to miss the chicken pox with my girls but I understanding it can be quite uncomfortable. I loved the days of my daughters playacting and having a good bit of dancing and singing! The best times! Also, good news about your chair, I can only imagine what this means to you! Be well!


    1. Thank you, it was horrible seeing her in pain and not being able to help. So much happier now, yes the singing and play acting is fantastic, I have today been Sven the Reindeer, Captain Hook, Station Officer Steele and a clumsy dog in Paw Patrol that the midication mind fog has made me forget his name, but because he falls over a lot like me I am always him!

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