Disability Discrimination

Whilst my fight against disability discrimination continues I wonder if it is such a surprise that my council get it so wrong when figures released show it is on the increase in the DWP the one employer that you would really hope would be on top of their game Disability Discrimnation on the increase at DWP

This said am I really surprised, I guess the answer for that given my own experiences with some people in the workplace and my own local council is no. The problem or issue as I prefer to call it, is that disabled people are not listened to, or in some cases consulted with in the correct ways. If more disabled people were given the opportunity to have working groups in local areas for services, and for employers I am sure most issues could be rectified before they became such big problems and discrimination. Equal Lives have helped on some amazing projects with its members being consulted on a variety of things, simple things like lighting and wall colour choices in public toilets to help people with sight issues things we wouldn’t think about if we don’t have the issues. I include myself in this, I cannot advise on that my disability doesn’t give me knowledge on all disabilities only on mine, so if you want the best advice go to the horses mouth. Maybe this is all part of my crusade……………..

If you do work with the right people look what can be achieved Mobility issues for children helped by research and toys r us

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