Felgains deliver again……………but Psychic Cars?

………..True to E’s word she emailed me two separate invoices today, one for the new wheelchair and one for bed. They did it that way so that if I wanted more time to think about either or get alternative prices etc I could do so as they are expensive purchases. Then if I wanted one but not the other I could return the paperwork for just that one. It is really refreshing not to have the hard sale thrust upon me and to be given time to decide what was right for us. I cannot wait for my new wheelchair to be delivered, I am looking forward to going out and about without being sent flying (personally I blame my wife’s pushing abilities – maybe I should check to see if she has upped life insurance policies 🙂 )! The funky new colour is more me too so I’m looking forward to posting pictures.

What I am however wondering is if machines have a way of communicating with one another, what I mean is that having looked at an expensive purchase at the weekend my wife’s car decided to have engine failure and power loss today. Who knows what the problem will be, and who knows how much it will cost to put right. Does this mean a choice of sleeping in the lounge for a few more months – well at least come Wednesday I will have my new chair to do it in, so that should be more comfortable. It is typical isn’t it that one thing goes wrong just as you are about to spend money on something that should really help. There is however one significant difference in my mindset this evening compared to me of 2 years ago. Today I was much more accepting of the situation. Cars go wrong all the time, they cannot know that by doing so they can be impacting on my pain, hell it’s not even my car, and it isn’t one that I drive, and getting in it is practically back breaking (that pun was intended – my sick humour maybe). Today I took it in my stride (even a few minutes mindfulness helps, as does a song called let it go on repeat), my wife needs a car to work, she cannot do her job in my motability car so we need to sort the problem with that first. Then we can move on to the next thing on our lottery win list. Are we the only ones who have a lottery win list? I know people have bucket lists, all those things you want to do, I guess living in chronic pain it is slightly different I have comfort list, a list of all the things we would get if money was no object that would make life easier.

Starting with an all expenses paid holiday for my family (and if it was a big win all my famiends) who do so much each day, a sort of respite thank you holiday if you like so that they can all have some downtime, relaxing in the sun enjoying themselves not worrying about who’s turn is it to cook tea or babysit me, just having fun – something that is easily forgotten when you live in chronic pain and that is priceless. Then we can move on to the list of comfort things that would make life better. A redesigned Kitchen and Wet-room, eye level oven, a moving height worktop (is that even possible) to name a few. Well one day and one step at a time!

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