Trumped up………..

…………… this isn’t my take on the Republican Candidacy, although I feel about as qualified as half the candidates except I’m not American. No this is more of a story of being outwitted by a 3 year old.

Part of the bedtime goodnight routine for me and my LG is that she hides under her duvet as soon as she hears the sound of me and my crutches coming through to say goodnight. I either then pretend to be too tired to look for her and fall asleep with my head on a pillow that wriggles, jiggles, and giggles or I crawl up for the bottom end of the bed making her jump, tickling her feet and so on and so forth. Tonight I picked the latter and putting my head under the duvet instantly went eurghhhhhh what’s that smell. My LG burst in to a fit of laughter which culminated with a shout of TRUMPET BUM.

I didn’t know whether to laugh, tickle or high 5 her so I did all 3 – that’s my girl 🙂

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