#saveKHM hits the newspapers – I hope this is just the start of the campaign

Our #saveKHM protest made page 22 of the regional Eastern Daily Press and their website on Thursday 11/02, I continue to be amazed by the positive support received on social media and in the comments on the newspaper websites. Strangers to the town can see how important it is yet a “majority” of local Councillors 8 to be exact just do not get a) how important a park in a central location near to shops, cafe’s and toilets with disabled access is to not only disabled parents, but pregnant mums, parents of children newly toilet trained and the local shops is b) how by dismantling it to 1/3 of it’s current size and moving it to a park that is inaccessible and out of the town goes against the equality act 2010 and disadvantages all the aforementioned people and c) how  after 10 months of dragging their heals over putting in disabled access to a brand new park, access that was requested before any grass was even dug up for the park, at a park that is now a quagmire physically and literally for the council, a 6 figure quagmire that not only disabled people, but pushchairs and many, many parents will not use because it is too boggy and muddy to safely enjoy with frequent standing water deep enough for a child to drown in would get the residents of Wymondham fired up shows just how out of touch with much of their electorate the so called “local” Councillors. The mayor and head of the Leisure and Environment Sub committee were all happy and delighted to have their faces all over the papers when the park opened, now suddenly not so much, and neither have took up my challenge of attempting to wheel themselves in and out of the parks of the town that they feel are compliant, I have even offered to loan them the wheelchair!

You can imagine how pleased I was to see the campaign made the front page and page 5 of the local Wymondham and Attleborough Mercury and also I heard today the Diss Mercury – Maybe I should get a scrap book for this, it will be a hell of a story to share with the grandchildren in a few years..

Please can you sign and share our online petition To #saveKHM as the only disabled friendly play area close to the Town Centre with local amenities, cafe’s and shops to make a trip to the park a day out in my amazing hometown I would love for my fellow spoonies to help get it through the 1000 barrier!

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