Pacing p!55e5 me off.

Now I have over the last few months shared a number of blogs and ideas related to pacing, the best way of life, no, the only way of life for spoonies! Today I have done the classic do as I do not as I tell you.
Courtesy of I think it was betterware but it could of been any such door to door catalogue I have some blow up rests for my head and legs to help me sleep, especially after a few days in the reclining chair bed which had been bliss. Relaxing (read sleeping) in the hot tub meant I didn’t feel too bad this morning. We were meeting my Auntie G, cousin S and her twins G & M in Robin Hoods forest retreat today. It is a short walk from our cabin so I said I would walk it then I wouldn’t be leaving my mobility scooter outside in the rain. Walking there was OK, it took me a long time to walk there with plenty of rest stops along the way
We had a decent rest having lunch and doing some painting of animal pottery on high back chairs, I’ll post my fox at a later date. Then however pacing went out of the window. Every part of me was screaming for a way to float back to my cabin however I was too proud. I walked back to the cabin very very slowly and in no time was back in the hot tub. I was joined by Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the Crocodile all of whom attacked captain Hook and I was without doubt well and truly defeated. I had a quiet soak after they all got out and thsee en my medication alarm went off.
I came in and had help fjrom my wife to shower dry and dress.
Here as I lay on the sofa, spasming, in masses of pain too uncomfortable to think straight I am well aware thatq today r have broken every pacing rule going. I pushed mthard walking, then too proud to admit it I painted and then walked some more. The pain is making me drift in and out of consciousness and I have no energy to

.even little girl from colouring in my

tattoo. It has now taken over an hour to write this and the pain is not subsiding, I wish once I cogaaàgvuld have a nvormal day without messinG everything up, I have no.idea how I am going to head out for tea shortly. Today has been a lovely day but I am certainly paying for it now.. As the spasms and mistakes testify.rrry
Pacing really is required but it is a effing pain in the arse!


2 thoughts on “Pacing p!55e5 me off.

  1. Yes, looking forward to getting my new wheelchair and bed and hoping beyond hope that they give me some sleep at least, I forever feel like an extra from the walking dead 😀


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