Day 205 – Positives

Today’s positive is all about my LG and her Twin Cousins G and M. We all went to a place I would describe as a hidden gem, called Sundown Adventureland. I say a hidden gem because given the weather today glorious warm sunshine, and the fact it was a school holiday the place was not over run. In fact the couple of rides I could get on there was no queuing at all. It is hard to describe the place, given we have seen nothing like it before on our travels around the country nor in Norfolk. We’ve been the past 2 years and I would say next year we will make it a hattrick of visits. It’s a mix of fairy tale lands with little houses dedicated to a number of fairy tales, more indoor, and outdoor play areas than I have ever seen in one place before, a handful of rides I would say designed for 8 and under, places to explore, houses and games to see, do and run around in. A pirate play area with 3 ships of varying sizes, a toy town, a cowboy high Street you name it and it is there. Furthermore there is in development the biggest fortress playground I have seen which looks the size of the Keep at Nottingham Castle. I know she had good fun as she was buzzing in most areas telling me all about it(u)


2 thoughts on “Day 205 – Positives

  1. Hi Carole, Yes scooter friendly all around it, unfortunately up near Nottingham so we go each time we go and visit my aunt, uncle and cousins who live up there. Wish it was closer x


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