Day 206 – Positives

I have to say I am somewhat bitter with my positives today. Only because it means I am home from an all too brief visit to see my family. It has however been amazing, even having spent so long sat in a car today to be home and on my comfy recliner. The feeling is like no other I can describe, my own cushion city in that perfect reclined position so there is enough stretch in my spine and support throughout my back and legs and head. I know it sounds crazy but it is true. I have however thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family, playing with my LG & her cousins keeping me young, a few short walks and yoga exercise sessions in the hot tub and a change of scenery. Even the Sat Nav got in on the act bringing us home via both the Notts County and Nottingham Forest football grounds, Nottingham Castle, the Train Station, river Trent and Trent Bridge. I couldn’t have programmed it better if I had tried!

3 thoughts on “Day 206 – Positives

  1. I love that you get out at all, even briefly. You are lucky to have such a loving family and great friends. Can you believe I often envy you your outings😄 Rock on with the new wheels too👍🏽

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I find it funny anyone would envy me! I wouldn’t do half the stuff I do without help and a lot of nagging hehehe! It is always fun but exhausting and I suffer for it afterwards but life would be incredibly hard and no fun if I didn’t do it! X


      1. Your life would be empty, your spirit would be flat and heart would be wounded if you did not participate in the things you are nagged into😄 It is worth the pain if the pleasure is so heart warming and fulfilling, even for a moment. Next time you don’t feel like making the effort, try to imagine how empty your life would be and how heavy your heart would become. You are doing great with such grace and courage. Keep on rocking✌🏽️

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