Today I was privileged to be amongst the large crowd at a damp and cold Kings Head Meadow today. The weather could not put a dampner on the spirit of Les King and it certainly couldn’t put a dampner on today’s tribute match to him. Before the match with Loddon today the Wymondham Town FC first team match (the first since the club had secured the future of the club with the signing of the new lease.

As the crowd grew in number the referee brought the two teams out and as they lined up (images from Mark Banham) both the players and staff of both clubs and the crowd observed an impeccable silence, followed by a minutes applause. A fitting tribute for a man who has been named as Mr Wymondham, he cared so much about the town, all of it’s residents and sport in the community to see so many people at the club today was a great thing.

I blogged about Les King earlier in the week and I was honoured to receive a message of thanks from his daughter in law on behalf of the family for capturing “the essence of Les” and making them smile. I am so pleased that the family approved of my blog, it is always with trepidation that you write it. Les was a big part of my teenage years and as I said always remembered me as I got older how he remember so many faces I will never know. I was happy to see so many people out today to pay their respects.

I ventured in to the refurbished club house with my family today for the first time in I cannot remember when and certainly the first time in my wheelchair. Seeing a wave of friendly faces and so much of my youth flashing before me was a welcome site. Doing it in my wheelchair, another personal milestone (I know people don’t get the big deal but when my head tells me I could still be playing in goal at a decent level were it not for circumstance it is hard for it to accept the body it lives in) was made easier by so many friendly faces friends parents, old school friends and of course having my cheeky LG is always a good ice breaker and much better opening gambit I mean so kids is a safer greeting than so smart wheels hahaha 🙂 I got to have a very lovely and reasonable priced coffee (value for money at 50p by far the best cup I’ve had this year), a catch up with my mum and dad and meet a fellow admin on the Wymondham Matters facebook page.

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