Day 208 – Positives

Today has been a sort of relaxing nothing day really, well when I say relaxing I mean as relaxing as they get. There were however a number of highlights. I spoke to and caught up with Jezza is always good to have a chat with him. Secondly I have been Mowgli, Shere Khan, Michelangelo (the Turtle), a Tree and the best daddy and tickler ever what an accolade! I’ve been using some of my old grey matter and skills from my former life helping with interview technique, preparation and answering questions. It was good to know I hadn’t forgotten everything I learnt over two decades and was able to help out 🙂

Best of all however was the end of the evening and the chance to watch Dirty Dancing for the millionth time. It has a special meaning to me and my wife and pretty much word for word I can repeat it start to end. It may be a chick flick but as one of my mates put it “I don’t give a sh!t, I love it” Says it all really!

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