How many spoons’ worth of energy do you have?

I love anything to do with spoon theory, my spoons fluctuate daily and even something as simple as getting out of a chair takes some away…..

The Rheumatic Roller Coaster


When you get up each morning, we all have so many spoons’ worth of activities we are able to do. For those of you who are healthy, the number of spoons can be limitless. For someone with a chronic illness, the number of spoons’ worth may or may not be limited, depending upon that particular day.

You may wake up with only 8 spoons’ worth of energy that day. Use up 1 to wake and get up, another to shower. It make take 2-3 spoons to do something such as cook a meal or socialize with the family or friends. It is important to not over do it and learn what your limitations are.

Praying I wake up with enough spoons tomorrow to:

  1. Wake up earlier than usual
  2. Take a shower and get ready for school
  3. Make breakfast
  4. Pick up something for lunch on the way to school
  5. Get through…

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