Occipital Neuralgia – that’s a new one

The root cause of my headaches explained……………..

The Rheumatic Roller Coaster

As some of you may know, soon after our new couch was delivered, I began to experience severe neck and head pain. Well, that pain has not subsided, it has gotten worse over time. I am trying to avoid sitting on the couch, but it’s hard to do when the ground or a kitchen chair are your only other options!


I have all of the symptoms of occipital neuralgia, and I will be asking my pain doctor about this next week when I see her. I’m hoping to get some extra injections on the areas of my neck and skull that are in severe pain and causes brutal headaches. I have been wanting to see my massage therapist and chiropractor, who both work at the pain clinic that my doctor is at, and know my case pretty well, but they only work Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’m in class those…

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