Disability Discrimination Cases Not Recorded

With me in dispute with my local council it was interesting to read Doug Paulley’s blog today on the recording of Disability Discrimination Cases relating to Goods and Services. Despite promising in 2009 that DD cases would be accurately recorded by the Department for Work and Pensions so that it would collate statistics on disability discrimination cases in the provision of goods and services this has failed to happen. The following blog details how this has not happened


Doug has made a freedom of information act request for the statistics and the blog details how the Ministry of Justice admits that firstly they failed to reply in the designated time, and secondly that they have not found the information because it has not been recorded. I now wonder (and please do read Doug’s blog for the full response) is it any surprise that there is contempt for Disability Discrimination in the provision of goods and services at a local level when contempt is shown at a national level to take it seriously?

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