We have heating back :-)

The last two days we have been having our old, and when I say old, I mean older than our 19 year old son, boiler being replaced. It is the final part in our project carbon footprint reduction. Since moving in we have had our loft insulation improved, our windows replaced and finally a combi boiler fitted, meaning we are no longer heating a tank of water a day to was our hands. How much will we have saved in money who knows, time will tell I guess, the saving following the installation of the loft insulation was equivalent to the cost of heating the hot-tub, it won’t be that significant again but it must be reducing the carbon footprint of our little part of the world dramatically. If everyone did a little would we save a lot sure I guess so, for now I am happy we are doing all we can.

Now this post goes one stage further than just a carbon footprint, I get pain sweats so I hate being too hot, however if I get cold into my spine now it takes over a day to thaw out so I have been dreading having the work done. The engineer who did the work has been servicing our boiler for a few years. He is a man who lives in the same town as me, and although not necessarily the cheapest you get what you pay for. We have an excellent boiler installed in our loft now, meaning we have space in our kitchen for one more cupboard, we also have a new cupboard as the hot water tank has been removed. Storage space in a bungalow is always at a premium so we have now gained effectively our own cupboard under the stairs, or as I like to call it our own Harry Potter bedroom. Understanding my disability means he has in our Harry Potter cupboard fitted a pressure gauge and valve so that I can adjust the pressure in the boiler without having to go in the loft – something very useful considering I cannot get in our loft.

He has also happily worked around me the last couple of days getting on with the work when I was in my medication induced world of fairies whilst wearing my Grandpa Joe long johns (minus the yellow stains). He accpeted coffees whenever someone was available to make them, and best of all he’s left the house, I swear cleaner than when he arrived. There are a couple of bits he needs to do to finish off but we couldn’t be happier.

Now I’m not going to make a habit of making these personal recommendations as I believe the best advice is to get a multiple of quotes, see work the people have done and all the other tips you get from the various shows, however being disabled means this process is in itself exhausting, can create flare ups and therefore be counter intuitive. This means if you find someone good, who is understanding and sympathetic of your needs than store that number and hope to whoever you want that they don’t retire before you. If you are looking for work to be done in South Norfolk give G S Mann Plumbing and Heating a call like I say he may not be the cheapest but he will do good work respect you and your property. He even told us once that using a well known national company under their one off call repair charge would be cheaper than him doing the work. Now there is someone you can trust!


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