Day 212 – Positives – More companies coming good.

Today I had a scheduled appointment from the manufacturers of my new rise and recline chair/bed to come out to replace the right arm. Ever since delivery the right arm rest has been loose and when like me you rely on the arms of chairs to stand or transfer to my wheelchair/crutches. True to their word they arrived early afternoon with a brand new arm rest to change, the engineer said if this doesn’t work I have a whole new side of the chair on the van and I will change that, it’s a far bigger job but let me know if it hasn’t solved the problem. Pleased to say problem sorted with the new arm rest and if it was/is possible to love an inanimate object my chair would be my valentine. The spoons I save getting in and out and actually getting some sleep, all be it short periods but better than nothing are priceless. I cannot underestimate the importance of decent furniture, I never dreamed I would be so excited by a chair but seriously wow – I know why Chandler and Joey loved their chairs so much.

After a 2,438 mile trip I am pleased to say Baby Oleg also arrived safe and sound and made my LG’s day when she got home from nursery. He is safely tucked in to his box crib with his grub toy beside her bed #simplethingsinlife

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