KHM – Official Complaint Number 2

As a law abiding citizen, and one nonetheless formerly among other things being in a team responsible for ensuring accurate records and funding claims are kept and submitted for a multi million pound income college I have an eye for detail and keen ability to follow processes, however convoluted they are. As such and following the Wymondham Town Council complaints procedure I escalated my complaint and submitted complaint number 2 under the Equality Act (2010) among other things. Making sure to dot my I’s and cross my Ts I specifically  requested a written response to all my questions and sent the letter recorded delivery. Furthermore I emailed a copy to the Town Council main email and 4 Councillors I had asked to look at my complaint. I explained in the email why they had been picked as outlined below

Dear Councillors,

There is a formal written second complaint that will be arriving at the council offices today addressed for your attention. It is in accordance with the Towns formal complaints procedure and the non-response I received to my initial complaint submitted at the town council meeting on the 2nd February. I have sent it for your attention because of the following reasons.

1) I am in Town Ward the only Councillor who therefore should have an impartial view on my complaint is Councillor Wyer because Councillor Hornby proposed the motion I am complaining about and Councillor Flatt has a declared interest.
2) Councillor Osborne you indicated as I wheeled out of the council meeting that you would address the issue of Disability Discrimination this is your opportunity to do just that.
3) Councillors Underwood and Halls you are members of differing political parties and therefore between the four of you can and should be able to make a balanced and honest reply to my complaint.
4) I understand a motion to get this re-discussed at Town Council meetings is trying to be quashed I urge you to take your responsibilities of Councillors at a local level to make a judgement based on what is best for all your constituents and what is right by law even if this could make you unpopular amongst your fellow party electorate

I look forward to hearing from you all in due course.
Mr Neil Seach

Needless to say I have promptly received replies from Councillors Underwood and Halls – so far the only ones who seem to be continually obstructive in this are of a blue persuasion. This at local level goes completely against the news today that they want to make play more inclusive. I know my LG is not the one with the disability but by putting barriers up that stop me from being able to take my LG to local play areas they are discriminating against me an indirectly discriminating against her.

Councillor Halls has been trying to get a third signature to his special motion to get the decision over KHM to be looked at again, however it appears someone is pulling the party strings and ensuring this doesn’t happen. I am hoping someone will join him and Councillor Underwood in at least reviewing the decision but since one of the complainants is an opposing Councillor I think there is more chance of me winning the lottery. It is a shame that personal agendas infiltrates to the lower echelons of power. Whilst I am hugely disappointed with the bulk of my council I still feel compelled to create something good and that is why I hope the access group gets off the ground.

I never realised how naive I was until I started all this, living with a disability can be tough, for me the pain itself never goes away, saying no to playing with my LG or going out somewhere, the embarrassment of asking for things off the supermarket shelves, getting stuck over play parks and relying on strangers to push me off, having to ring and forewarn my LG’s playgroup when I am dropping her off, knock or shout through shop doors for ramps the list is endless. I can forgive a certain amount of the population thinking my chair means my mind doesn’t work after all it really isn’t that long ago and certainly in my lifetime that you never saw disabled people represented on TV so if you didn’t have a friend or family member with a disability you had no idea what it was like. What I can’t accept though is people who should know better and should be able to see discrimination. This evening my anger with the whole park process found a new level, the next council meeting is next week and today the minutes were published. I was angry because they had completely played down the severity of the points I raised. It prompted me to fire off this email

I wish to make it stated that I take exception to the recording of my comments at the last meeting. Where it states I objected with concerns over Disabled Access and money should be spent on improving Ketts Park.
I clearly stated “the council had thus far failed under its Public Sector Equality Duty to install a path at Ketts Park a Park that was now flooded” – for which I provided several photographs as evidence. Furthermore I added “under the Equality Act dismantling the one accessible play area with green space was Disability Discrimination” and I want the minutes to reflect this.
Furthermore there is no mention of me wheeling over to the Mayor immediately following the KHM proposal being passed and handing in an official complaint under the Equality Act 2010 on the grounds of Discrimination over a protected characteristic – my Disability, this happened in a public meeting, I told the members of the public what I was handing over and surely therefore needs to be recorded too.

When will my local council take it’s responsibility seriously, and stop trying to treat me as if they can and pardon the pun WALK ALL OVER ME!

Enough is Enough #playisahumanright #£60000accessnotexcess


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