Just when I didn’t think my council sorry Dictatorship could disappoint me any further….

I have blogged a lot recently about the Town Council and when I refer to them as I whole it is with the exception of the only two Councillors who have taken their time to contact me and speak to me, Councillors Underwood and Halls I thank you. As for the rest well the jury really has voted and you should be ashamed.

Having been trying unsuccessfully for 10 months to get a path built due to lack of funds £60,000 has been found to dismantle much of the accessible playscape joined to the Towns Football Club due to 3 complaints from neighbours. First shocker one of the complainants is one of the remaining 10 Councillors who hold the ruling majority on the council. Having passed the motion without considering the impact on disabled people and planning for taking away a provision with no way of putting back the provision nor listening to the alternatives others were suggesting could be a compromise the dictatorship swept a motion through. At this point I submitted my first complaint in line with the councils complaint procedure. With notice of intent to pursue a breach of the Equality Act (2010). Their one line response of we have forwarded this to our insurers as you suggested was a massive p!ss take. They addressed none of my concerns or issues. I started formulating my second complaint back on the 12th February, but having such difficulties and brain fog means it takes me a while to finish these things.

Following the complaints procedure as outlined on the councils website I submitted my second complaint as I wasn’t happy with the first response. In this letter sent by recorded post and an email I asked a number of questions and asked for the complaint to be handled in line with the councils complaint procedure. The first step of which is that the complaint to Chairman of the council will be acknowledged in 3 working days and someone independent to the complaint/service would be appointed to investigate and they have 25 days to compile a report in response.

Imagine my surprise today when I received the following email which I share in its entirety;

Good morning Mr Seach
Thank you for your email
I have been instructed to forward your second letter of complaint to the Councils insurers and have advised the Cllrs that you list below of this course of action.
Many thanks
Trevor Gurney
Town Clerk
Wymondham Town Council

Hmmmmmm so my second complaint also appears to go unanswered and has just been sent to insurers. I was not willing to accept this so responded with;

Good Morning Mr Gurney,
Why has my 2nd complaint a follow up to the original that was not replied to simply been forwarded to your insurers, I specifically asked for a number of points relating to the council’s failure to comply with the equality act to be replied to by the council, not forwarded to your insurers, who instructed you to not follow the council’s procedure and to forward my complaint to you insurers?. In addition to me asking the council to consider my complaint as stage 2 of your complaints procedure I listed a number of questions that I specifically want answering. Your policy taken off your website this morning states
Stage Two
Your Appeal to the Chairman of the Council will be acknowledged within three working days of you contacting us.
The chairman and/or a designated Councillor (for which I proposed 4 that would be suitable) will investigate your complaint.
They will be independent of the service you are complaining about, and will send you a report of the investigation within 25 working days. The decision of the Chairman is final and there is no further appeal process for Town and Parish Councils
I wish to state for the record that I am expecting the Council to investigate my very serious complaint in accordance with your procedures defined above. I formerly give notice that since you received my complaint on the 24/02/2016 today is day three of the above procedure.
Neil Seach

I am struggling to find out what or why it is that the council do not want to answer, do they hope by ignoring a disabled person that they know lives in constant severe pain that eventually I will give in and drop everything as they try to break my already broken body. Do they not understand that I have to see and settle the tears from my LG whenever she talks about the parks. Do they not see that us disabled people have when faced with adversity incredible inner strength and resolve – are they so ignorant to expect me to go oh ok your massive breaches can be overlooked because you have notified your insurers. Or perhaps they are happy throwing money away like they are proposing to do so do not care if their insurers pay me off. Who knows! To date I am waiting for a reply to the follow up email complaint I sent…….

My contempt and disgust is brewing by the day, I have often wondered how elected MP’s in the HoP can behave in such a petulant and appalling way with their jeering, booing and shouting out, but I guess it just filters from the top down for many. It takes a much stronger person to stand up for what is right and go against the party line than it does to be whipped in to shape. Is it any wonder so many people are disillusioned with politics. Politicians spend all their time insulting one another, blaming each other for previous government mistakes or giving themselves pay rises whilst disabled people with all their additional expenses get fu@ked over and over again. It wouldn’t surprise me if I went to an interview for PIP and was deliberately chucked out of my wheelchair in front of an oncoming train and the last words I’ll hear will be oh shit he was telling the truth!

Needless to say I wait with baited breath for somebody to contact me as part of the 25 working day review process – feck me how long does it take, still due processes should be followed!

4 thoughts on “Just when I didn’t think my council sorry Dictatorship could disappoint me any further….

  1. unfortunately bureaucracy is built for the machine it runs, not for the people it claims to serve. and the machine is vicious to those not a part of it. smaller versions of these kinds of things, like trying to get benefits when you’re disabled, and having to jump thru hoop after hoop unendingly have become the biggest battles i now fight, as i simply cannot take the idiocy of the bureaucracy that is designed to give me benefits, help, but instead sucks out my very soul leaving me exhausted and demoralized. for my mental health (my disability is mental) i cannot pursue such things anymore. Here’s to you for sticking with and fighting the good fight. I hope you succeed.

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    1. Thank you, if it wasn’t for the support of a man with MS and several able-bodied people helping me I would have chucked in the towel months ago, which I’m sure the machine were banking on wearing me down into submission. They know how I struggle with pain and it takes me a while to do things. It means without others I would be useless. I am already wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew, I am spending so many evenings crying and stressed it is already having a detrimental affect on my health fingers crossed though that enough support is forthcoming to see it happen to the end :-/

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