One small victory for me, one giant leap for……

…………..I’d like to say democracy but I am not sure whether this will be the case or not.

Friday morning I received a reply from the Town Clerk Trevor Gurney regarding why my handing the complaint to the mayor was not included in the minutes of the last meeting. The email read as follows;

Good morning Mr Seach
I have received a response from Cllr.Halls as below
Dear Mr Gurney I think Mr Seach may be right on this and apologise for not remembering correctly. It was a fraught meeting and this took place very near the end well  after Cllr. J Hornby  had left the building
Julian Halls
I was not aware of the precise time you handed papers to Cllr. Mooney and was being guided accordingly. Please accept my apology also.
Many thanks
Trevor Gurney
Town Clerk
Wymondham Town Council

Why he was being guided accordingly is a surprise, it’s his job to maintain accurate records.Excellent I thought, I’ve had an admission you do not remember when it happened. Although when part of your job is to record meetings accurately and in this case the Town Clerk hadn’t this does not reflect well, but I understand we are all human and make mistakes, the important thing is that you rectify them. Now you do know when it happened presumably the minutes will be amended to reflect this! You would think so wouldn’t you! I emailed a response back to the Town Clerk copying in all the Councillors to this effect saying I assume the minutes will be amended to reflect this. To date there has been no response to this email and no amendment in the minutes.

I can only hope the Councillors on Tuesday night (and I will be in attendance to make sure they do) note that the minutes should be adjusted to reflect my amendments. Once again I find it ridiculous that the amendment that has been confirmed as correct cannot be made now, but is reliant on the people who are, or at least seem to be; wanting to dumb down my comments and actions to lessen their impact. Democracy In Action cough cough. #nowonderparliamentactlikechildren #democracy in action #redtape #nosurprisethingsdonotgetdone

4 thoughts on “One small victory for me, one giant leap for……

  1. Such are official guidelines – I can understand that minutes can’t be amended without the consent of those present at the meeting. Suppose someone had been wanting to alter them incorrectly? It would only need a bent councillor to advise thr town clerk that he was wrong…

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    1. Hi Linda yes I understand, it was them who had let’s say wonky intentions who were claiming I didn’t do it as part of the meeting. I specifically did so there was a record of the it. I had to remind them when I did it, I understand that they need confirmation there has been several who have confirmed my account. Will be interesting to see if the minutes get improved or altered at the meeting next week!


      1. Yes, I agree there was probably a hidden agenda there. It reminds me of an Austrian penfriend of mine who had epilepsy. He said that companies there would rather pay the fines than employ disabled people.


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