KHM Petition Breaks 1000 Barrier

The campaign to save the Kings Head Meadow has been hotting up in recent days. The 3 homes who complained about the noise and anti social behaviour have now been eclipsed by over 1000 signatures who want the Kings Head Meadow Playscape to remain. I sat in a council meeting and heard Councillors say we must do what is right by our constituents. I hope those Councillors not in the Ward of the 3 Complainants, reading the 1036 (current) signatures who voted in favour of the downsizing are sitting in a darkened room with their heads hung in shame knowing that they have not voted on behalf of what their constituents want. Furthermore I hope all those who have signed thus far remember this debacle when they next get an opportunity to vote!

It also occurred to me this weekend that in Mayor Mooney’s summing up at the last meeting he said, and although I do not have it verbatim, I’m hoping someone who recorded it has it, something along the lines of it isn’t about the £60,000 that although it is expensive it is about doing the right thing by those whose lives have been affected. This rather much like David Cameron’s use of the letter left by the last Labour Administration saying Dear Tories, We Spent all the Money is something that I will play over and over again as I ensure all play areas in Wymondham are brought up to current legislation “It is not about the money” Now it is entirely possible with the amount of medication I have taken this weekend that this is a bizarre medicine induced event/dream and not actual fact which will firstly be disappointing and secondly worrying that I am dreaming/zoning/spacing out to council meetings.

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