Day 215 Positives

Today after illness, chicken pox and back spasms we got to catch up with my wife’s granddad for the first time in over a month. We went to lunch to Smokey Joe’s Grill in Ditchingham. It was the first time we had been and won’t be the last. We beat the lunchtime rush so were able to park right outside the front door, giving my legs a little stretch I walked in using my crutches, my wife gave the booking name and the owner said table 4, then he saw me and said actually table 5 may be easier for you. One was a tight booth with table that you had to squeeze into the other had two high back chairs that could be moved for me to sit down far easier. Full marks for observation and immediate understanding. Add to this a lovely meal, fantastic attentive staff, great company (of course I was there after all) and the best Key Lime Pie with a meringue topping I have ever tasted at reasonable prices full marks! We look forward to visiting again soon!

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