Tonight I attended two more council meetings and am once again suffering as a result of it. This is the side to chronic pain and my full disability that the Councillors do not see. I expect they are all home nicely tucked up in their beds, those who are in relationships with their loved ones. Meanwhile, whilst everyone is in bed and my house sleeps I am desperately trying to rip my spine out of my chest – fortunately my arms do not have enough movement to get round to my back or it may have resulted in some DIY blind operation. I have maxed out on my allowance of meds and am currently convincing myself that since it is now technically the next day I can start taking some more and using up tomorrow/today’s allowance.

This evenings meetings were firstly a planning and lighting one, which I attended as I did not want the council to try and sneak proposals for moving the equipment through other channels. Honestly nothing would surprise me with this lot. A valid point was raised I felt about a Double Yellow Line Scheme that was today approved just 3 votes to 2. Watch out residents of Wymondham you may very soon have nowhere for your friends and family to park when they visit. A spurious motion of confusing parking restrictions have been approved by the council with a note that they want SNDC to consult with residents first. We all know how much consulting goes on don’t we…………….. I would however like to congratulate Cllr Jack Hornby (and after the last full council meeting I certainly didn’t think I’d be saying this, but credit where it is due) as chair of this meeting, despite interference by his own father a far senior Councillor with much more experience who was trying to cajole the meeting and points along interjected far after the public participation part had finished. He stood up to his dad and pointed this out to him, and that he should not be making any further comments. It cannot be easy to stick up to senior Councillors who expect you even at local level to tow the party line. To do it to your father must be even harder. Now if he would only vote on his own he will go a long way to appeasing his electorate.

Then we move on to the full council meeting, sadly missing from its minutes anything to do with moving playscapes or disabled access. Firstly I would like to thank Councillor Underwood for getting the minutes of the last meeting amended to reflect that I did hand in a letter of complaint. It is a shame other amendments were not included. Secondly I would like to thank Councillor Halls who read out his letter of response from SNDC, I still feel there are many unanswered questions and the council run the danger of repeating the same mistakes they claim they are correcting from the previous council. I am not the only one. Circulating with the minutes were a number of pieces of information many that will prove to be useful in the coming weeks I am sure!

Pete Green gave a great speech during Public Participation and again highlighted the importance of a town having a centrally located play area. It was suggested that returning the park to its original size would solve the noise issue. I explained that it was because it was too small and not used when it was its original size. Our KHM support group then commenced our silent process, which as banners came out was met with cheers from many of the other public amongst us.


It’s now 2.20am the pain is still intense, today’s meds have been started and I’ve spent the past 30 minutes trying to use the toilet only for body to go into spasm and prevent it. I wonder if any of the Councillors well the Dictatorship element would be willing to put themselves through the pain barrier to help the residents of an amazing town that I call home and they call we’ll do as we want and sod the rest of you.

The last duty of the night was to pose for a group photo to share with our supporters on social media (the stern look on my face goes someway to telling you of the pain I am in and these were taken 5 hours ago).

SAM_8728 (2)

Tomorrow is another day, slossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssslowly, slowly catchy monkey or so they say. Thanks for the support tonight folks.

4 thoughts on “Pain explodes as council meetings cost me all my spoons

  1. Gald to hear the minutes were amended, sorry to hear of the painful consequences. Incidentally, Pete Green looks a bit like a Pete Green who was at Keswick Hall when I was there doing my teacher training. Interesting…

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    1. Thank you, my body is telling me to give up and let the council bully me out of it, but my brain, the friends I have made campaigning this and most importantly of all my LG and how upset she gets is telling me to fight on


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