Today has been a day where I have struggled greatly not only with my pain but my mood too. Taking on the council has and is already proving to be a massive challenge and a huge cost to me physically, as a result I was not able to attend Les King, Mr Wymondham, The King of Sports or any other accolade you want to bestow on the great man funeral at Wymondham Abbey this afternoon. I understand from others that it was standing room only and a real celebration of his life with many great stories told of a great man, a real local legend. I previously blogged about him here and I was honoured to be contacted by his family following writing this and my thoughts are with his family today.

Furthermore for the past 12 days I have had a good friend in hospital who has had a large part of his lung removed due to the fu@king awful disease cancer. To date I have not been able to get to see him as I have not been able to drive or cope with my own pain to get there. I know he understands as he has suffered with chronic pain for a number of years and we talk regularly on social media about various things, meet up when our bodies allow and play online scrabble together. He is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met, and a true case of looks can be deceiving. I have told him this so I am sure he won’t mind me sharing but first time I met Keith was when I was new to the close in the early stages of dating my now wife. He looked not to dissimilar to how I look now with shaved hair an awesome beard, some quality ink and a dog that terrified me. It was this more than anything that made me nearly not talk to him, having been attacked by a dog in my childhood. I’m really glad I did, in no time we were sat on a wall having a bear watching our children play and laughing and joking. They lived on the same close (or rather I should say we lived on the same close as them) as us for a while and whenever we went round the dog I’d been terrified of Buddy use to make such a fuss of me, he really helped me get over my fear of dogs and made me want to get one as a pet.. He and his partner Suzi became good friends and I know they understand why I haven’t managed to make it to the hospital but I have still been beating myself up over it for days now. They are two of the most genuine people I know, they are huge animal lovers and set up Lex’s Legacy a charity that re-homes sled dogs and they travel all over the country rescuing them. They are selfless in their help of others and certainly do not deserve to be going through what they are right now. They put me in touch with their tattoo artist without which I wouldn’t have the awesome artwork that I have today! I certainly am better off for knowing Keith and Suzi and we will catch up soon!

I hope Suzi and Keith and in some part my friends who did make it to Les’ funeral today know that I am thinking of them and that I am completely honest when I say I fu@king hate my pain and what it makes me miss out on!

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