You cannot underestimate the power of laughter

Yesterday I escaped the confines of my prison, well I mean bungalow but other than to see the insides of a couple of council meetings last week I didn’t really get out of my house. With the weather being so cold and wet and it having such an adverse effect on my pain I really only go out if it is vitally important. Some will argue that this has a detrimental affect on my mood, and it is true, however because I speak to people, either on social media, good old fashioned telephone and with some face to face I try during the winter to counteract this. My lift to yoga was unavailable as he had far more important places he needed to be as we all do at times, especially when it is our loved ones we are worrying about, I mean they worry about us Spoonies every single day, so it makes a change for us to be worrying about them.

Our friends are understanding that for the most part I cannot do big nights out anymore, the wheelchair literally puts the brakes on a pub crawl for a few reasons, firstly half the pubs are not wheelchair compatible, it’s fe@king exhausting and if I fall out of my chair I really am in trouble :-). The fact that we have children means a lot of our entertainment involves them, and this suits us perfectly and we wouldn’t have had them if we weren’t happy with this. Yesterday evening was a lovely evening not only did I get a change of scenery we spent the evening with our good friends CN and their children A & H. We have such a laugh when we get together and it is always good to catch up with them. Last time we saw them was far too long ago and we got to see the new extension they have had on their house. I have to say it is amazing. It is the sort of Kitchen/Diner/Family room that if money was no object I would have in a large bungalow (only perhaps with the added addition of an island, because after all who doesn’t want an island in their kitchen. Dinner was amazing as ever both the main and dessert – I need recipes for both please 🙂 I was looking through my photos today from the night before and this one photo, although not in focus properly it sums up the evening perfectly. Seeing the smiling laughing faces is why the say laughter is the best medicine.

DSC_0083 (2)

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