Day 223 – Positives

When I made a phone call at about half 9 this morning I knew what my positive was going to be today. Nailed on without a doubt it was the news that I have been waiting for, for 4 weeks now, my new profiling bed and wheelchair are going to be delivered on Thursday. BooYah hopefully far fewer sofa or my reclining seat bed hopefully far fewer early morning typing sessions, and all being well some new wheels that won’t mean I get pitched forward out of them. I cannot begin to describe the excitement I felt in that moment. Sad but true I guess new mobility aids officially no longer scare but excite me 🙂 . The life of a spoonie its exciting hey 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 223 – Positives

    1. Thank you Linda, they are not cheap but we are left with little choice but to spend it if I ever want to get into bed again. It is a shame that things like this are means tested as they are about 4 times the cost of a normal bed c’est la vie!


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