Street – Photo 101 – View from my Prison

Continuing with my theme of working with my disability I read the feedback about capturing a good street seen, I can do the moving back but have problems when climbing stairs. The other difficulty I have is that getting out and about from my house is difficult without help from others, relying heavily on them for so many things already like doing my shopping, taking my LG to nursery etc it makes this task really tricky. What I have done is taken a photo from my bedroom and entitled it View From My Prison – it is what my Bungalow feels like sometimes, you’ll have to excuse window glare (my phone camera was used as my other one was out of my reach (the frustrations of life in a chair). When the tree in the front garden is in blossom it is beautiful and a lovely view.

View from my Prison

This is a street view from my more mobile days when I could get around on sticks and is a picture of a street market from my honeymoon near Pinnawala in Sri Lanka

Street Market, Pinnawala, Sri Lanka

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