With my earlier blog about the Wymondham Enabling Access you would be forgiven for thinking that this, or part of it would be my positive for today it was after all some real positives, but a bit like Buses some come all at once. My positives from today are actually about two things. Firstly since losing my blogging virginity in April 2015 I have had a roller-coaster of reactions to certain aspects of my blog, it is really a personal diary where I share some things that I cannot say in person and other things that make me want to rant, but also about positive experiences. Blogging has been a breath of fresh air to me and having completed a Blogging 101 course a few months back, and since having had reduced mobility this past two years and the purchase of a new camera I have started taking more photos to remember, reflect and relive the fun and not so fun times. I am learning all the time and have probably used 10% of the capability of my camera so I have signed up to a Photography 101 course through the WordPress platform. They give you a different subject matter and hints and tips each weekday for 4 weeks and you can blog your photos and questions for others to see and read about tagging them photo 101. I am enjoying this (I know it is only two days in but still I am) and this has made me smile today. Some subjects will be more tricky with my mobility issues but they are no doubt going to be the driving force on me getting up and about so I hope you enjoy seeing some of my photos over the next few weeks. The quality of the next photo is poor, but it was on my pillow this evening and it is my second positive, knowing my LG and family are awesome and she still sees me as Incredible (well I’m interpreting it this way) is a real boost

DSC_0004 (2)

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