Day 225 – Positives – Thank you to all the Readers

When I started this journey I just wanted to share some random thoughts and pent up frustration at life and the difficulty it dishes out. In under a year I have had 10,000 views something I never dreamed of. Today’s positive is a thank you to all the amazing people who read this and keep that counter ticking, whether it is liking and/or commenting on my posts or simply viewing the blogs as and when you have some time to read through them Thank you one and all.

6 thoughts on “Day 225 – Positives – Thank you to all the Readers

    1. Thank you Linda, your honest comments and understanding help me to make sense of some of the things I don’t always view with unbiased eyes, and what my nearest family members do not always say for fear of upsetting me. We must sort a catch up soon.


  1. Thank you Carole, they are very kind words. Sometimes knowing you are not alone is all it takes when times are tough. Hearing my blogs are helping just one person makes them all worthwhile.


  2. Love reading your blogs Seachy, I may not always comment or even remember to click the like button but I have learnt a lot about you and family and also about being able to cope in different ways with chronic pain and just to know I am not alone, so thank you and keep up the good work x

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