Photo 101 Day 3 – Water & Orientation

Today has been a tricky one, where I live there is a beautiful river with some lovely views that I was hoping to be able to get to and take some shots, especially with the trying to take the same photo portrait and landscape because I have never really thought about taking the same image both ways. I look at a view and assume I know the best way to hold the camera. It is certainly something I will explore on more days out. Today however it has poured with rain all day, I have been stuck indoors whilst furniture has been delivered and getting cold and wet does my pain levels no good what so ever. I hope to revisit this task at a later date for some river views however undeterred I thought I would use the rain to my advantage and try some shots using my macro setting for the first time ever, I couldn’t prevent the reflection of the camera so any hints or tips on that would be welcomed.

Before I took the shots I thought the portrait images would take the better shots, especially as it would give me a greater chance of catching a running droplet;

Having taken these shots I then moved the camera and took them landscape, and I was surprised with the results; capturing more droplets and the garden in it’s truer shape just made the images in my opinion better.

4 thoughts on “Photo 101 Day 3 – Water & Orientation

    1. Thank you that is very kind of you to say so. Photography like blogging has been very therapeutic in my battle with chronic pain and disability just trying to be as positive as possible 🙂

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