I am excited by this task, primarily because I think it tells a story certainly for me on how life changes and what Bliss is for me, not all the photo’s were taken by me, but the story remains the same and with the Captions hopefully I will be able to tell it, finding out what the alt text box does was brilliant. Being disabled you face so many challenges so anything that helps people is a real bonus, so to find out that the alt box is for describing the image for people using assistive technology is a massive bonus and I will make sure I use it on my images when needed.

We start off with some oldies – Pre Accident Seachy as I call it;

I enjoyed life and living it to it’s fullest, frequently going out with my friends and I was in a young mans state of bliss. Then I had my car accident, after which I not only suffered spinal injuries and nerve damage I also had post traumatic depression and gave up on my life. Good friends, my now wife and the death of one of my best friends made me realise I had to live life

Along came post accident Seachy, Bliss then became different to me. I wasn’t that party mad man anymore, for one thing I couldn’t get out as much as I used to. I was also in far too much pain a lot of the time to enjoy trips out. Having accepted that life is different I have found a new bliss, it involves embracing life, my famiends (family and friends) and the time we spend together even if I am on my mobility scooter or being pushed in my wheelchair. Bliss now is being married, spending time with my famiends, my tattooing and hot-tub exercising and taking shots like these

Finally the story is completed with the things that make my life bliss nowadays. It took a long time to accept the need for mobility aids and now having swallowed my pride (substitute this for stubborness) and received and used them I now get excited by these mobility aid, the sleekness of my new wheels well just be thankful for whatever life is bliss to you…………….

Perhaps more beautifully of all these shots and the real bliss to me was the excited shrieks of my LG who on her way to nursery today spotted this Bishy Barney Bee (as our Norfolkites call them) sunbathing on my car tyre and wanted a photo.

We are surrounded by bliss if we can open our eyes and see it, at times the darkness prevents me from doing this, but when I am winning there is Bliss all around.

10 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Day 4 Bliss & Captions

    1. Yes Linda, I was actually looking forward to bed for the first time in months and was semi conscious when I got up this morning as opposed to being a zombie x


    1. Thank you, I have good days and bad days, but trying to focus on positive people, and positive influences and the small victories so that there are more good days than bad, even when the pain increases ๐Ÿ™‚ Photography helps as I can do it from the comfort of my own wheelchair!

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