Much of my week is spent in solitude, as the rest of the house is either at work, college or nursery so for me the task of solitude and was an easy one. Making it fit into the rule of thirds was a little more difficult as when setting up an image of me in my lounge to demonstrate the solitude and emptiness that I experience was tricky. Soon the winter will be gone and as we come into spring I get to go out more and use my various mobility aids so even if this course does not run again I may revisit it myself to try some of the challenges out and about. I have however managed to capture this image showing the empty seats either side of me in our living room, I deliberately left the flash off to make the image darker to bring in some of the gloom being in solitude can cause. I have highlighted the colour of my t-shirt to try and show that even in dark gloomy times there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the newspaper is to symbolise access to the outside world.

An image showing a lonely man surrounded by empty chairs reading the newspaper for access to the outside world.

A more cheery type solitude is this image I captured on our honeymoon in Ranweli Village Sri Lanka showing a lone fishing boat in the expanse of the Indian Ocean as the sun was setting, I love this image as it shows the beauty solitude can bring too!

A lone fishing boat in the expanse of the Indian Ocean as the sunsets in the background
Solitude – Happy

Finally one my wife took of me enjoying swimming in the Indian Ocean, the huge expanse of water. I have always loved swimming especially in the sea and I was the only one this day, later on we saw Dolphins if only they had appeared when I was swimming – never work with animals and children 😛

A photo of me swimming in the Indian Ocean
Solitude Swimming


5 thoughts on “Day 5 – Solitude & the rule of thirds

    1. Thanks Dookes,

      I much prefer the warmer weather when I can take a trip on my mobility scooter last minute if I am feeling ok and then there is a bit more freedom. Yes, for many years I did not enjoy looking back as for me I regarded it as a symbol of all that I had lost, actually though I now realise it is all part of what I have achieved in my life. We only get one life so we should live it.
      Cheers Seachy


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