Visitors are like buses only much better……

………………….but I will never turn them away. Today I fully expected my positives were going to be my visitors but somewhat unfairly on them the surprising fact that my story about trying to set up the Wymondham Enabling Access Group was on the front page of my local newspaper meant they were usurped. It did however sit unfairly with me not to speak about them. A simple visit this time of year, despite the number of spoons it uses up just maintaining conversations are far outweighed by the benefits to my wellbeing.

Not only was I lucky enough to be visited by N today a school friend who has now known me 29 years, I also had my brother in law M and niece L visit. It was lovely to have everyone over, they helped me with my LG right up until she left for nursery so I got to spend some quality time with her too. There is nothing better than a room filled with laughter and chatter and the squeals and shrieks of delight as my 23 year old niece and her monster my little ponies attacked my LG and her animals in her dolls house hehehe. She is fantastic a qualified midwife in her first full year post graduation and loving her job, and what an amazing job it is. Her sister is in her final year at Uni and their mum (my Sister) has just finished her first year doing a midwifery degree. The looks and the brains I am sure my brother in law will not mind me saying are on the male side of his family hehehe love you M xx

I have had a lovely day, short strolls around the house, my yoga exercises (or Yoda as my LG calls them) and company throughout the day. All make for a very happy day. I was tired when they left and had a brief snooze, I never thought I would see the day that I wrote holding a conversation was not only mentally but also physically tiring but that is the life of a spoonie. I wouldn’t change any part of today only to repeat it every day with all my family and friends – need a Euromillions big win to make it happen!

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