Practicing Photo 101 Composition today

We had to drop off a DVD at the library on the way to my brothers for a birthday party and whilst I was sat there waiting for my wife to come out I suddenly noticed the view I was looking at, without starting the course I would not have seen the lines, the scene etc, and since I had the camera in the car for the party I couldn’t help taking a couple of snaps trying both views, getting the solitude of one man leaving the library, the focal point of the red car drawing the eye around the curves, there was so many reasons I enjoyed the shot that a week ago I would never have even noticed.

2 thoughts on “Practicing Photo 101 Composition today

  1. I think it comes with practising in general… although, yes, starting the photo course made my eyes so much more open to what I see around me. But I started to get interested in taking pictures and get much better at it once I acquired a camera phone and realised that it actually takes perfectly decent pictures. It’s because it’s always on hand… Previously, I’d go out somewhere interesting and I might have carried the camera if I remembered it (I forgot it for example when I went to the Acropolis, can you imagine?!) And half the time the battery would be run out… or run out of memory… whatever. The phone on the other hand always works. 🙂


  2. So neat, and a library at that! I think these courses are great, I found on writing course that I even Read a little different now, paying attention, looking for things. Have fun learning!

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