Photo 101 – Weekend Composition

Today we went out for lunch and it gave me the opportunity to take a few more images that we looked at last week. I hope you enjoy the gallery of shots all taken from my wheelchair today whilst out at a local garden centre. One set are from the way the tree seemed to frame the house, and believe it or not was the view from my chair sat in the restaurant across a busy A road, I had to look outside of the viewfinder to time photos not to get cars in the way (thank goodness for digital cameras), another is just a bit of fun I was having with the toys at the table whilst the others were getting dessert and the other is a mix of views of a flower with some colour editing I did at home of a plant that caught my eye on the way out.


2 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Weekend Composition

    1. Hi, yes I looked up and outside (if we go out I always try and sit facing the outside as I am indoors so often) and scanned the horizon, the house on the hill caught my eye and was almost perfectly framed with the tree. With hindsight I wish I’d taken a photo with slightly less zoom so I could have shown the hill etc. Next time I will do this definitely. Was a lovely view for lunch though especially as it was a sunny day!

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