Photo 101 Day 6 – Connect & Tags

What I am really loving about this course is the little tips like 5-15 tags and the way that the topics can be interpreted so broadly and how you can get some phenomenal photo’s but also some amazing concepts. Today mine I think firmly come under the second category. I do not get many play days with my LG just the two of us because the pain I suffer and my disability prevent us this special bonding time. I have however even though she is only 3 encouraged her to be whatever she wants to be, do what makes her happy and not to be categorized. I dislike labels people should be and do what they want (obviously within the boundaries of the law/morals and balance of what is right and wrong), to me the label of being disabled is one of the worst as it is negative and focuses on what I cannot do, I mean who wants to be labelled disadvantaged, or disappointed, dissatisfied, disgruntled I digress and you get my point. This means I have to connect with my LG talked to her from when she was in the womb. I started reading to her as soon as we knew my wife was pregnant. My favourite book was the Gruffalo and this now is one of her favourites and one she can recite as if reading the book herself. I am also a Star Wars nerd so my LG has watched the original trilogy and my wife and I encourage her to try anything. We hate the whole that’s a boys toy, that one’s for girls, toys are toys and children just enjoy playing.

With all this said, my theme interpretation today is how I connect with my LG, and how her play and choice of toys connects with me. The images are all from the various rooms in her dolls house, and the mix of toys will hopefully show how our worlds connect, collide and divide. I hope you get the concept and enjoy a tour around the best dolls house in England and possibly the world!

5 thoughts on “Photo 101 Day 6 – Connect & Tags

  1. Lovely photos once more. Yes, the generations do connect – my Dad used to explain what he was doing when I watched him mend his car (something which happened frequently, as he could only afford very much used ones) and we used to play ‘name the make of the car’ on long journeys. I’m sure my son’s love of cars came from me, and the games we used to play on top of St.James Hill trying to see who would be the first to identify the cars as they went along Gurney Road! Now I can see it in his sons…and so it goes on.

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