Day 230 – Positives

Today I had a check up at the dentist, the thin stairwell means I cannot get in using my wheelchair, fortunately there was a parking spot nearby and I got there on my crutches and using their stairlift. My LG came with me and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She was caring and concerned remembering to tell the dentist not to tip my chair back too far as it hurts my back. She then sat like a good girl and talked to the dentist whilst she checked my teeth. Then she sat like a very good girl and had her teeth checked. All 20 present and correct and clean with no plaque build up. I know we’re all proud of kids but my LG really was very good. She got 2 stickers and a ride on the stair lift.

Then I got to take photos of the Market Cross for the photography course.

The day ended with a council meeting, I’ll blog separately about that but I did get to take my new wheelchair out and it is much more comfortable.

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