Photo 101 – Day 7 Big & Point of View

Being able to escape my bungalow today, (if only for a dental appointment) meant I got to take photos for today’s project of the biggest and most beautiful site that we have in my Town Centre, it is one of only two in existence in the UK. The Octagonal Market Cross building that Wymondham is famed for. Unfortunately the grey skies haven’t done some of the shots justice but over the years it has been used as a number of things, and in my youth, almost as a rite of passage at least one night had to be spent sat around the base doing what teenagers do. Unable to get onto the floor to take some of the images I’d love to take with it I have instead taken a large set from different views, using different points of view and of some of the more intricate carving work close up. Contrary to some of the viewpoints of the way the powers that be conceive me as, I am proud of my town. To shoot this iconic building and history which is also a rite of passage for most long term residents to hang out for this project really has lifted my spirit and made me smile today.

It is true I love my town, and whilst the sky doesn’t do the images justice, and because I was on my Crutches and not in my wheelchair the shots are unsteady and on the skew wiff as we say here in Norfolk but I just couldn’t cut the number of photos down any further.

I hope you enjoy, as always feedback welcome 🙂

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